Golden Inu Whitepaper - A safe meme coin for everyone

 Awaiting imminent release, Golden Inu is sure to make a break in the memecoin market with its authentic and revolutionary approach to token development. 

Get the CliffsNotes: A Quick Summary of Our Whitepaper

Embark on an exciting adventure with Golden Inu, a token created by the Golden Horde! As a member, you will embark on challenging quests, each of which will reward you with bounties and valuable experience points, since the Golden Treasury is a multi-signature wallet & contract will be renounced, Golden Inu will be managed by the Golden Horde ( Team + Holders )!

With each successful bounty, your reputation within the horde will grow, earning you the respect of your peers and unlocking exclusive opportunities. Compete with other Golden Horde members and rise to the top of the leaderboards with your bounty-hunting prowess! Each week, the most active members will be recognized and rewarded with extra prizes in the form of Golden Inu, the currency of the Golden Horde.

So why wait? Join the Golden Horde today and discover the best-engaged community for a unique adventure, rewards, and opportunities!

Introducing Golden Inu: The Meme Coin that Brings People Together

Golden Inu token is a revolutionary meme coin project that brings together aspiring individuals to form a close-knit community. Inspired by the legendary Golden Horde of the 13th century, Golden Inu aims to conquer the coin market and NFT world in a similar way – by building strong bonds between its members. At Golden Inu, we believe in creating a decentralized economy that allows people to have complete control over their finances, free from the constraints of centralisation.

Golden Inu token is listed on PancakeSwap (BNB Chain: New Binance Smart Chain name) since 24th February 2023. With a 10 years-locked liquidity pool, an auto add 3% to the liquidity pool by smart contract and send LP are burn can be seen here. We ensure our community’s investments are safe.

Our mission is to create a world where anyone can benefit from the crypto market regardless of background or location. With our Golden Inu Token, you have the potential to be rewarded for your loyalty and commitment to the project. Join us on this exciting journey and become a part of the Golden Inu ecosystem today!

Memecoin: Problems Identification & Solutions with Golden Inu

Problem Identification: The Shortcomings of the Memecoin Market (source)

The memecoin market has encountered several significant obstacles in recent times, including insufficient security, poor community involvement, and an excessive emphasis on short-term price discovery. These issues have resulted in a market that is plagued by volatility and unpredictability, leaving investors in search of a more stable and trustworthy alternative.

Solution: Golden Inu – A Strong and Engaged Community

Golden Inu intends to offer a solution to the challenges faced by the memecoin market by prioritizing the development of a strong and engaged community, creating a robust brand and image, and ensuring the security of our investors’ funds.

Our community-building strategy revolves around the “Golden Horde,” a network of dedicated supporters and investors who are committed to the success of Golden Inu. By providing educational resources, tutorials, and opportunities for engagement, we aim to foster a sense of stability and support for the coin. This will help us attract and retain long-term investors, further strengthening the success of our project.

In terms of security, Golden Inu is built on a solid infrastructure and security measures to safeguard against hacks and scams. Our emphasis on security, in combination with our focus on creating a strong brand and consistent image, helps establish Golden Inu as a credible and trustworthy investment.

Finally, Golden Inu is focused on generating real wealth for all stakeholders, rather than just seeking short-term price discovery. Our project is designed to provide a sustainable and secure solution for crypto-currency investors, and we believe that our combination of community building, security, and wealth creation sets us apart from the current memecoin trend.

In conclusion, Golden Inu presents a unique and groundbreaking approach to investing in the crypto-currency market, providing a solution to the challenges faced by the memecoin market. With our commitment to community building, security, and real wealth creation, we believe that Golden Inu has the potential to become a leading player in the crypto-currency market.

Problem: The Absence of Utility in Memecoin Communities and Ecosystems (source)

One of the major challenges faced by the memecoin market is the lack of utility for both their communities and ecosystems. Many memecoins are limited to price discovery and fail to offer any practical benefits to their users. This absence of utility results in limited community engagement and makes it challenging for these projects to establish a sustainable ecosystem.

Solution: The Golden Inu Ecosystem 

Golden Inu aims to tackle this problem by offering a robust ecosystem for its community. The Golden Horde, a group of highly engaged community members, acts as a catalyst for the project. This group is committed to providing support and resources to the Golden Inu community, while also contributing to the development and growth of the project.

Moreover, Golden Inu places a strong emphasis on creating utility for its users. The Golden Inu token is designed to be utilized in various real-world applications, such as peer-to-peer transactions, rewards and incentives, and staking. This provides users with a range of benefits and opportunities to interact with the Golden Inu ecosystem, promoting engagement and contributing to its growth.

By addressing the issue of limited utility in memecoin communities and ecosystems, Golden Inu aims to establish a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for its community.

Problem: Upcoming generational crisis (source)

Many millennials are facing a midlife crisis, but unlike previous generations, they are dealing with it in a different way. Due to the high cost of living, rising student loan debt, and the challenges of the gig economy, many millennials find themselves struggling to make ends meet. As a result, traditional midlife crisis activities like buying a sports car or taking a lavish vacation are out of the question.

Solution: Golden Inu ecosystem

Golden Inu offer a unique solution to this problem. Through the platform’s community-driven Golden Quest, millennials & others can earn rewards and valuable bounties that can help them make more money and boost their financial stability. By participating in quests and earning experience points, millennials can gain a sense of accomplishment and purpose, without breaking the bank. Additionally, as the Golden Inu ecosystem grows, the valuation of the GOLDEN token can increase, providing an opportunity for long-term financial gains. The best part? The entire platform is decentralized, meaning that there are no intermediaries or gatekeepers, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere. So if you’re a busy millennial looking for a way to cope with your midlife crisis, Joining the Golden Horde, contributing to the Golden Inu ecosystem might just be the perfect solution for you.

What are Golden Inu tokenomics ?

Global Infos:

  • Symbol: GOLDEN
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: 100000000000000000
  • Decimal: 18


  • Buy: 
             – 3% Golden Treasury
             – 3% Liquidity Wallet
  • Sell:
             – 3% Golden Treasury
             – 3% Liquidity Wallet

Current Supply:

  • Burnt:
    49.40% – 49,400,000,000,000,000 GOLDEN

    Circulating supply:
  • Pancakeswap Pool + Holders:
    43.6% – 43,600,000,000,000,000 GOLDEN
  • Golden Treasury (DAO):
    4% – 4,000,000,000,000,000 GOLDEN
  • Golden Team (DAO):
    3% – 3,000,000,000,000,000 GOLDEN

    Team tokens are locked for one year, but are gradually unlocked over time. This enables the project to grow and evolve without having too many tokens circulating, providing assurance to Golden Horde members that third parties will not dump their investment.

What makes Golden Inu different?

Golden Inu offers a unique approach to investing in cryptocurrency that prioritizes the interests of investors and the community. The Golden Horde, or Golden Inu community, plays a central role in the success of the project. This is achieved through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that gives the community control over key decision-making processes and increased transparency.

A significant difference between Golden Inu and other crypto projects is the allocation of the total money supply. While many cryptocurrencies benefit the founders exclusively, Golden Inu aims to minimize the risk of trading altcoins and promote long-term portfolio growth by allocating only a minimal portion of the money supply to the team. This approach empowers the community to make crucial decisions and steer the project in the desired direction.

The Golden Treasury is another innovative aspect of Golden Inu that sets it apart from other crypto projects. A small portion of each trade (3% BUY / 3% SELL) goes towards the liquidity pool and an equal portion enters the Golden Treasury. The Golden Treasury, controlled by a Gnosis Safe wallet, will increase in value through various sources such as NFT royalties and commercial merchandise sales. This fund will be paid as a dividend to the $Golden Hands, providing another source of income for those who hold the token for an extended period.

The Golden Horde is the community of Golden Inu investors who believe in the vision and mission of the project. This group of like-minded individuals work together to achieve their investment goals and promote the growth and success of the project. 

In conclusion, Golden Inu Token offers a unique and innovative approach to investing in cryptocurrency that prioritizes the interests of investors and the community. With its focus on minimizing risk, promoting long-term growth, and empowering the community through a DAO, Golden Inu is poised for success and poised to challenge the status quo of the traditional crypto landscape.

Roadmap: Here is our path to success


  • Website launch: Design a professional and user-friendly website that provides information about the project, its team, and its goals. The website should also include a whitepaper that explains the project’s technology, use cases, and plans.
  • Presale on Gempad: Launch a presale on Gempad to raise funds and distribute tokens to early investors.
  • Token launch: Launch the token on the selected blockchain (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc.) and make it available for trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).
  • Social marketing: Use social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc.) to spread the word about the project, engage with the community, and increase awareness.
  • Coingecko listing: Apply for and get listed on Coingecko, a popular cryptocurrency data aggregator that provides market data, news, and insights.
  • CMC listing: Apply for and get listed on CoinMarketCap, the world’s leading cryptocurrency data provider.
  • Community building: Build a solid and engaged community of supporters, investors, and users by hosting events, AMA sessions, giveaways, and other activities encouraging participation and interaction.
  • Golden Quest: Launch a gamified experience that rewards users for completing tasks related to the project DeWork & Quest3 ( more added later ).
  • Staking app: Develop and launch a staking app that allows users to earn rewards by staking their Golden Inu tokens and participating in network governance.
  • Dashboard: Develop and launch a dashboard that provides users real-time data and insights about the project’s performance, token price, market trends, and more.
  • Partnership: Explore potential partnership opportunities with other projects, companies, or organizations that share the same vision and goals.


  • NFTs: Explore a business model for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to create unique and valuable digital assets that can be used for various purposes with our Dapp or even specific event.
  • Foundation donation: Launch a foundation or charity program that donates a portion of the Golden Treasury profits to a social cause or environmental initiative.
  • Influencer marketing: Partner with social media influencers or content creators to promote the project to their followers and expand the reach and impact of the project’s message.
  • 3rd app listing: Apply for and get listed on different wallet and exchange platforms (e.g., Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Blockfolio, etc.) to make the token more accessible and visually appealing.
  • $Golden Bazarr launch: Golden Bazarr is a decentralized marketplace, it meets Amazon & Shopify allowing anyone to create a front store, selling online goods and service. Marketplace moderation will be at the $Golden Hands vote.
  • Merchandise launch: Launch a merchandise store that sells branded products (e.g., t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc.) to raise brand awareness and generate additional revenue. This will be the very first $Golden Store.


  • Partnership: Continue to explore and pursue partnership opportunities with other projects, companies, or organisations that can bring value and enhance the project’s ecosystem.
  • CEX listing: Apply for and get listed on centralised exchanges (CEXs) to increase liquidity, trading volume, and exposure to a broader audience. Exchange listing will be a wise step-by-step; we will only focus on exchange with low wash trading.
  • More added as we grow: New opportunities and challenges will arise as the project grows and evolves. Therefore, it’s essential to remain agile and adaptable and keep experimenting and exploring new ideas, features, and products that align with the Golden Horde vision and goals.

Golden Horde DAO: Communal Governance

The future of the Golden Inu token lies in the hands of its community. To empower token holders and give them a voice, Golden Inu is investing in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to drive community growth and development. This means that all decisions about the direction of the project will be made collaboratively by the community, making Golden Inu truly a token for the people, by the people.

In addition to the DAO, Golden Inu also has plans to launch a stablecoin in the future. Backed by the Golden Inu token, this stablecoin will provide even more stability and security to investors, making it an attractive option for those looking to diversify their portfolio. The details of this exciting development will be shared at a later date, so stay tuned!

Golden Inu is more than just a token, it’s a movement. The Golden Horde, as we like to call our community, is made up of individuals who believe in the power of community-driven crypto projects. By banding together, we’re building a strong and united front that is dedicated to shaping the future of crypto for the better. Join the horde and be a part of the change!

Incentivizing Investment and Skills: Introducing the Golden Quest

As the crypto market expands, it’s crucial to be cautious of potential frauds and uncertainties. Here at Golden Inu, we’re dedicated to providing investors with a reliable and secure platform. We’re proud to introduce Golden Quest, a unique reward system that recognizes and rewards your contributions and commitment to our project.
No matter where you are in the world or what situation you may face, Golden Quest offers you the chance to earn rewards for your skills and competencies. By joining our global task platforms, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of a thriving and sustainable economy while also providing unemployment relief on a global scale.

Investing in Golden Inu and joining Golden Quest means maximizing your investment potential. With our exclusive Golden Inu token, you can earn rewards for your loyalty and commitment to our project.
At Golden Inu, everyone should have access to the benefits of the crypto market. With Golden Quest, this is now possible. Our reliable and secure rewards system allows everyone to make money without owning our tokens. Join us today and be part of the Golden Inu ecosystem, where rewards await!

So what is the Golden Quest?
The Golden Quest is an ecosystem built with three powerful WEB3 tools: DeWork, Quest3, and Crew3. We’re using Crew3 to manage the tasks between every quest, from the primary quest with DeWork to the secondary quest with Quest3. By submitting your daily tasks, you’ll grow and climb the leaderboard over time, earning rewards and exclusive awards for being in the top rank. You don’t need to hold $GOLDEN or be online 24/7 to climb the ladder; consistency is critical.

Golden Inu Crew3 is our quest management and verification process.

Our primary quest is with Golden Inu DeWork, where you must select your roles in Discord based on your skills and interests. We’ll manually review each application before allowing you to use/work for the Golden Inu ecosystem. You’ll be paid in Golden or BNB for your work.

Our secondary quest is with Golden Inu Quest3, an incredible tool that allows us to compound our community and grow our social media. The simple quests include tweeting, retweeting, commenting on Reddit, posting memes, and holding specific NFTs. You’ll gain experience and rewards, but Quest3 is luck-based, and only a few will be chosen with a lucky draw.

Join us today and be part of the Golden Inu community, where you can earn rewards for your contributions while helping build a thriving and sustainable ecosystem.

Golden Gazette: Content Strategy with Open.Ai

The Golden Inu Gazette, in collaboration with The Narrators, will focus on delivering timely and accurate news and analysis of the crypto-currency market, as well as providing educational resources to help readers understand the technology and make informed investment decisions. Utilizing OpenAI and a talented team of writers and editors, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the crypto-currency market and its developments. This approach allows us to reach a wide audience without relying on expensive influencer marketing campaigns. Our coverage will include market analysis, tutorials, news, events, and industry insights, providing readers with all the information they need to make informed investment decisions. Additionally, we will engage with industry experts, guest posters, and partners to further enrich our content. By partnering with The Narrators, we will have access to their extensive resources and talent, further enhancing the content we provide. With this content strategy and partnership, the Golden Inu Gazette and The Narrators aspire to become leaders in the industry, providing top-notch content and analysis to our readers.

Golden Treasury & Golden Quest

Led by the esteemed Golden Inu Khan, the Golden Horde has created an unprecedented opportunity to join its ranks and reap the rewards of an ever-evolving economy. By joining the Horde, you will have the chance to contribute to the collective goal and gain influence, relations and money.
The Horde is built upon several different alliances, each representing your contribution to the Horde and the wealth you wish to acquire. When you become an Applicant and join the Discord server, you can access various quests, exchanges with other members of the Horde and the chance to suggest alternative decisions.

The Expansion Alliance:The Frontier Force
The Frontier Force is a group of individuals who are dedicated to expanding the reach and impact of the Golden Horde. Their goal is to spread awareness about the platform and drive adoption among new users. They use creative marketing strategies and outreach efforts to build a strong community and bring in new users to the Golden Horde.

The Tech Alliance: The Code Warriors
The Code Warriors are a group of talented developers who are passionate about Web3 technology and the Golden Horde. They work together to decentralize the development process and create a high-quality core product that is user-friendly, secure, and scalable. They are rewarded for their efforts with BNB and GOLDEN tokens, and they are always seeking new contributors to join them in their mission.

The Copywriter Alliance: The Narrators
The Narrators are a group of skilled copywriters who are responsible for creating compelling and informative content for the Golden Horde. They craft stories, articles, and other forms of written content to educate users about the platform and its features. They help spread awareness and drive adoption by creating engaging content that resonates with their target audience.

The Designer Alliance: The Visionaries
The Visionaries are a group of talented designers who are dedicated to bringing the Golden Horde to life through their designs. They create logos, user interfaces, and other visual elements that help users understand and interact with the platform. Their goal is to make the Golden Horde a visually appealing and user-friendly platform for everyone.

The Operations Alliance: The Backbone Brigade
The Backbone Brigade is a group of individuals who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Golden Horde. They handle administrative tasks, manage finances, and ensure that the platform runs smoothly. They provide the support that the other alliances need to do their jobs, and they ensure that the Golden Horde stays on track and meets its goals.

The Babylon Alliance: The Arkads
The Arkads are the typical investor looking to benefit from cryptos long term, but may not want to do more than invest.   Golden Inu can be their crypto-Babylon and their support will be shown through token ownership within the ecosystem.

Each of these alliances will offer a variety of bounties which will be rewarded in BNB or, in some cases, in $GOLDEN. The funds for these bounties come from the Golden Treasury, a multi-signature wallet powered by Gnosis Safe. The funds in the Golden Treasury are derived from the 3% buy and sell taxes and nowhere else. The Golden Horde is a unique and revolutionary opportunity for holders and non-holders alike to make money and contribute to the collective goal of the Horde.

Golden Expansion

The Golden Inu Project is committed to building a self-sufficient ecosystem within the Golden Horde, where members can find all the products and services they need without leaving the community. 

In addition to the potential for passive income through the marketplace for Golden Inu holders, the Golden Inu Project is branching out into the merchandise and tangible product industry; with Golden Comics for example, there is almost no limit. Profits from these ventures will be directed to the Golden Treasury, where they will be distributed among all members of the Golden Horde.

By joining the Golden Horde and purchasing Golden Inu, you are not only investing in a long-term, profitable project but also becoming part of a powerful legacy that is steeped in lore and offers countless opportunities for community involvement. The Golden Inu Project is a chance to help create a firmly established meme coin that will benefit all stakeholders for years.

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