Discover the revolutionary $GOLDEN token, bridging the Binance and Ethereum blockchains in seamless harmony.
Immerse yourself in the future of DeFi, where decentralization and unity converge to create a prosperous tomorrow.






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Golden Paper

Golden Inu Token: Our $GOLDEN token is the heart of our thriving ecosystem, seamlessly connecting BNB Chain and Ethereum. Yes, we are a dual token deployed since 24th February 2023 on BNB Chain and deployed on Ethereum.


Revolutionizing the global crypto landscape, where decentralisation meets unity, pioneers forge a bright, interconnected future. We aren't about building what already exists; we are about building DApps that are missing to gather more crypto prospects in this ever-growing crypto future.

Embrace $GOLDEN, and become part of our story – a worldwide community united in purpose and bound by innovation to find and resolve financial problems with easy hand solutions.

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The Legend of Golden Inu

Once upon a time, a new realm was born in the heart of the technological realm. It was a realm where code and community intertwined to form the tapestry of digital society. This realm was different, as it was guided by the principles of fairness, transparency, and collective growth, and it was fueled by a force more powerful than any other: the power of belief.

In the centre of this realm was the Golden Inu, a dog of shimmering golden fur with eyes that sparkled with wisdom and courage. The Golden Inu was not just a pet but a warrior, a protector, and a symbol of unity. This creature embodied the spirit of resilience and determination, inspiring those who beheld it to strive for a better future.

The Golden Inu, it was said, came from a lineage of noble warriors, each one fighting for justice, equality, and the prosperity of all. They believed in a future where everyone had a fair shot, a future free from the constraints of the old world, and they were ready to fight for it.

In this spirit, the crypto token, Golden Inu, was created. Named after this mythical creature, the token represented the values that the Golden Inu stood for strength, unity, and a shared vision of prosperity.

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The Golden Inu Horde and the Digital Revolution

The Golden Horde, a community of like-minded individuals who believed in the vision of the Golden Inu, began to gather. They saw the potential of this new form of digital asset and the promise it held for a more egalitarian future. They recognized that the Golden Inu was more than a token; it symbolized a revolution, a shift in how we understand and engage with value.

As the Golden Horde grew, so did their influence. Their collective action began to disrupt the old systems, causing ripples that reached the far corners of the digital realm. But it wasn't just about disruption. The Golden Horde was building something new, something better. A system where value was not hoarded but shared, where power was not held by the few but distributed among the many.

They worked tirelessly to propagate their vision, promoting the Golden Inu token to achieve it. The more people held the token, the stronger their collective influence became. The Golden Inu was not just an investment, it was a statement of belief in a better future and a commitment to making it a reality.

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The Call of the Golden Inu

Now, the Golden Inu calls out to you. It invites you to be a part of this revolution, to join the Golden Horde in their pursuit of a more equitable future. Holding the Golden Inu token is not just about financial gain, it's about being a part of a community, a movement that believes in the power of collective action.

By becoming a holder of the Golden Inu token, you are not just buying into a crypto asset. You are buying into a vision, a dream of a better future for everyone. You are lending your strength to the Golden Inu, bolstering the ranks of the Golden Horde, and contributing to the digital revolution.

This isn't just about the here and now, it's about the legacy we leave for the generations to come. It's about shaping the future, about ensuring that the digital realm is a place of fairness, transparency, and prosperity for all.

So, will you heed the call of the Golden Inu? Will you join the Golden Horde in their noble quest? If you believe in a better future, if you believe in the power of community, then take the step.

Join us, and become a holder of the Golden Inu Token.

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Why Choose $GOLDEN

Golden Inu differentiates itself in cryptocurrency by emphasizing investor and community interests. At the core of its achievements is the Golden Horde, the Golden Inu community, which thrives on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that facilitates vital decision-making and promotes transparency.

Golden Inu stands out from other crypto projects through its distinctive fund allocation strategy. Unlike many cryptocurrencies that predominantly benefit their founders, Golden Inu focuses on minimizing altcoin trading risks and encouraging long-term portfolio expansion.

The groundbreaking Golden Multi-signature wallet further distinguishes Golden Inu. A modest percentage of each transaction conducted on the $GOLDEN Token  (3% BUY / 3% SELL)  contributes to the liquidity pool, with another portion directed to the Golden Multi-signature wallet. Managed by a Safe.Global wallet, this wallet accrues value with every $GOLDEN. The Golden Multi-signature wallet is dedicated to brand and ecosystem development. Consequently, the established ecosystem will generate revenue in the Golden Treasury smart contract, leading to a deflationnary supply and possible price increase for every $Golden holder.

This provides a secure stream based on ecosystem usage and volume for long-term token holders.

- An innovative fund allocation strategy that prioritises investor interests.
- The opportunity to be part of a like-minded community working towards shared goals.
- A transparent and decentralised decision-making process.
- Additional income streams through the innovative Golden Treasury for long-term token holders.


Problem:  Limited Utility in Memecoin Communities and Ecosystems

A significant obstacle facing the memecoin market is the need for more utility within their communities. Many memecoins focus solely on price discovery and fail to provide tangible benefits to their users. This results in diminished community engagement, making/creating a sustainable ecosystem difficult for these projects.

Solution:  The Golden Inu Ecosystem

Golden Inu addresses this issue by offering a comprehensive ecosystem for its community. The Golden Horde, a group of dedicated community members, fuels the project. This group is committed to providing the Golden Inu community support and resources while actively contributing to the project’s development and growth.

Moreover, Golden Inu prioritizes creating utility for its users. The Golden Inu token & ecosystem is designed to be accessible token for everyone, and a well-constructed ecosystem can generate substantial revenue.

By tackling the limited utility challenge in memecoin communities and ecosystems, Golden Inu aims to create a sustainable and prosperous ecosystem for its community. Offering a burning Supply through ecosystem-generated revenue, automatically handled by the Golden Treasury smart contract.


Problem:  Millennial Midlife Crisis

Millennials face a unique midlife crisis due to the high cost of living, mounting student loan debt, and the gig economy’s challenges. As a result, traditional midlife crisis activities like purchasing a sports car or indulging in an extravagant vacation are unattainable.

Solution:  Golden Inu Ecosystem

Golden Inu offers an innovative solution to this issue. Millennials and other holders can earn passive rewards and valuable bounties through the ecosystem to boost their financial stability. By holding $GOLDEN, participating in quests, and earning experience points, users can achieve a sense of accomplishment and purpose without spending excessively. Additionally, as the Golden Inu ecosystem expands, the GOLDEN token’s valuation can grow, providing long-term financial gains potential. The entire ecosystem and dividends process is decentralized, eliminating intermediaries and gatekeepers and making it accessible anywhere. For busy millennials seeking a solution to their midlife crisis, joining the Golden Horde and contributing to the Golden Inu ecosystem is the perfect answer.

External Developers can also benefit from a grant program that will be established once the $GOLDEN token is live.

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Golden Horde DAO

Communal Governance

The Golden Inu token is designed to thrive through the collective efforts of its community. By implementing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), we aim to empower token holders with decision-making capabilities and foster community-led growth and development. This approach ensures that the community makes project decisions collaboratively with the team, positioning Golden Inu as a truly people-driven token.

Golden Inu is more than just a token; it represents a dynamic movement. The community, fondly called the Golden Horde, consists of passionate individuals who recognise the potential of community-driven crypto projects. United by a shared vision, we are dedicated to shaping a brighter future for the cryptocurrency landscape.

As potential investors, you can expect the following from our DAO:
- A transparent and fair decision-making process that values the input of each token holder.
- Regular opportunities to participate in discussions and debates on the project’s direction.
- Consistent project development and community growth updates ensure you stay informed of the latest progress.
- The ability to influence and contribute to the future of the Golden Inu ecosystem, helping to drive positive change within the crypto space.
- A robust and engaged community passionate about Golden Inu’s success and also about the overall crypto market, attracting more users and investors to join the movement.

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The Golden Horde understands the importance of strategic planning and a well-defined roadmap to achieve long-term success. Our detailed roadmap, presented below, lays the foundation for the growth and development of our project, ensuring that we consistently adapt and innovate to stay ahead in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

Our roadmap illustrates the key milestones and objectives we aim to accomplish and serves as a testament to our commitment towards transparency and community engagement. We believe in keeping our community informed and involved at every step of our journey, fostering trust and collaboration.

Please find the $GOLDEN - Golden Inu roadmap below, encompassing various aspects of our project, including:
1. Technical Development: Implementation of robust and scalable solutions, while exploring opportunities for future integrations and expansion.
2. Marketing and Partnerships: Spreading awareness about $GOLDEN, forging strategic alliances, and promoting growth within our ecosystem.
3. Community Building: Nurturing an active and supportive community that shares our vision and contributes to the success of $GOLDEN.
4. Governance: Ensuring a fair and sustainable token distribution model and effective governance mechanisms for a truly decentralized experience.

As we progress along our roadmap, we will continuously evaluate and refine our strategies to ensure that $GOLDEN - Golden Inu remains at the forefront of the cryptocurrency space, delivering value to our community and investors. Together, we will make $GOLDEN shine even brighter!

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We are the first members of the Golden Horde; we just want to create something that will truly disrupt the crypto space.

- Takeishi (Creator & Project Manager)
- Arkad (Game Designer)
- King Vega (Graphic Designer)

Dive into the world of $GOLDEN, where our steadfast commitment to security, transparency, and integrity paves the way for a seamless and trustworthy decentralized finance adventure.

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Application generating revenue sent to the Golden Treasury smart contract.


The new game’s title flips the first 3 letters of “Uni-verse” to create the title of the metaphysical lands of $Golden token holders, the Inu-verse.

This will be a play-2-earn (P2E) crypto game, where users can earn $Golden tokens via in-game tasks, battling, and/or adventuring.


Introducing a groundbreaking Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that promises unrestricted access to cryptocurrency trading at minimal costs. The revenue generated from our innovative platform, the Golden Inu Exchange, is distinctly divided into two categories:

- Golden Treasury:  This smart contract collects every stream of revenue generated within our ecosystem and distributes it evenly among the holders of our native token, $GOLDEN.

- Deflationary Fees:  A certain percentage of the fees from each token swap is utilized to purchase and subsequently burn tokens. This unique mechanism paves the way for a deflationary exchange, thereby ensuring a reduction in the total token supply over time, which could increase token value.

Our DEX revolutionizes trading with its low-fee structure and fosters a sustainable tokenomics model that benefits all participants within the Golden Inu ecosystem.


This Bazaar is a crypto marketplace that will start simple — modelled from the foundations of Amazon and Shopify. It will be developed over time, allowing Golden Inu token holders to buy and sell goods and services, peer-to-peer directly.

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Application with no revenue generation.


This hub provides users with real-time data on all aspects of the Golden Inu ecosystem (BNB Chain Token), from buy and sell orders to market capitalization, recent news articles, Reddit posts, and more. With this development, members of the Golden Horde can now access all the information they need in one convenient location.

The alpha version of this Golden Dashboard includes several features:
1. Live buy and sell data
2. Live market capitalisation, volume & more
3. Recent news articles related to the Golden Inu ecosystem
4. Recent Reddit posts from the official Golden Inu Token Subreddit
5. List of upcoming and live apps available within the ecosystem

As the Golden Inu ecosystem grows and evolves, so will this dynamic dashboard. The platform will expand over time to meet any new needs that arise out of our ever-changing environment. Furthermore, an API will be available for specific data requests, but it won’t be open to public use in the alpha version; instead, only a select few aggregators will be given access.

“We are thrilled to offer our users such an innovative way of keeping up with all things $Golden Inu…” said Founder Takeishi alias @3TC on Twitter. “This dashboard is going to be an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to stay informed about their investments within our ecosystem.”

With this revolutionary dashboard soon set for launch, members of the Golden Horde can rest assured knowing they have access to real-time information about their investments at their fingertips.


In collaboration with, &, we're thrilled to introduce Golden Quest.

Our core initiative, Golden Inu DeWork, allows you to choose roles on Discord that align with your skills and interests. Every application is meticulously reviewed to ensure only the most suitable candidates gain access to the Golden Inu Job platform. As a token of our appreciation for your contributions, you'll be paid in Golden, ETH, or BNB.In collaboration with, &, we're thrilled to introduce Golden Quest.

The Golden Horde comprises various alliances, each signifying your contribution and the wealth you seek to accumulate. As an Applicant on the Discord server, you gain access to various quests, interactions with fellow Horde members, and opportunities to propose alternative decisions.

The Expansion Alliance: The Frontier Force is dedicated to expanding the Golden Horde’s reach and impact. Their mission is to raise awareness and drive adoption among new users, employing innovative marketing strategies and outreach efforts to forge a robust community and attract newcomers.

The Tech Alliance: The Code Warriors Consists of skilled developers passionate about Web3 technology and the Golden Horde. They collaborate to decentralise the development process and create a user-friendly, secure, scalable core product. Rewarded with BNB and GOLDEN tokens, they continuously seek new contributors to join their cause.

The Copywriter Alliance: The Narrators are adept copywriters responsible for crafting engaging and informative content for the Golden Horde. Through stories, articles, and other written materials, they educate users about the platform and its features, spreading awareness and driving adoption with content that resonates with their target audience.

The Designer Alliance: The Visionaries are talented designers committed to bringing the Golden Horde to life through their designs. They create logos, user interfaces, and other visual elements to enhance user understanding and interaction with the platform, ensuring the Golden Horde is visually appealing and user-friendly.

The Operations Alliance: The Backbone Brigade manages the day-to-day operations of the Golden Horde. They handle administrative tasks, oversee finances, and ensure smooth platform functioning. Supporting the other alliances guarantees that the Golden Horde remains on track and achieves its goals.

The Babylon Alliance: The Arkads represent investors seeking long-term crypto benefits without active involvement beyond investment. Golden Inu serves as their crypto-Babylon, and their support is demonstrated through token ownership within the ecosystem.

In parallel, we've launched the Golden Inu QuestN, an instrumental tool designed to extend our community reach and enhance our social media footprint. This initiative involves simple tasks such as tweeting, retweeting, commenting on Reddit, creating memes, and holding specific NFTs. While participants can earn experience and rewards, the Quest3 selection process is primarily luck-based, with a few chosen through a lucky draw.

Our Golden Quest represents the coming together of cutting-edge WEB3 tools to create a dynamic, interactive, and rewarding experience for our community The Golden Horde.


Golden Inu Token is dedicated to building a self-sustaining ecosystem within the Golden Horde, where members can access a wide array of products and services without ever leaving the community.

Beyond simply holding the Golden Inu token, you can benefit from multiple income streams through various dApps such as Golden Bazarr, Golden Dex, Golden Quest, and more on the horizon (please refer to the roadmap and steps shown in the phase section on the website). These applications offer profitable opportunities and generate revenue that will flow into the Golden Treasury smart contract. Vote on how the Golden Treasury should work has been casted on Golden Inu by our holders.

The Golden Treasury, also called burn portal can be found here:

As a potential investor, here is what you can expect in a decentralized way:

- A decreasing supply burning over time, as golden-ecosystem grow.
- A long-term, sustainable project with continuous development and growth potential.

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Initial Liquidity
Liquidity Address
Burned LP
Ethereum (ETH)
3% Development / 3% Liquidity
84 ETH
Presale Claim
Uniswap Listing
Golden DAO
Initial Liquidity
Liquidity Address
Burned LP
Binance (BNB)
3% Development / 3% Liquidity
60 BNB
30% Burned (13 July 2023)
Golden Treasury
Total Supply
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Economic Model

Below is how the Golden Inu Token will allow a compounded adoption. Of course, this is not a secret potion, but it allows you to understand the process and know that this is a closed circle, or commonly know as a growth loop in buisness / growth marketing.

Image showing the economic model that Golden Inu follows.
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Contract Source Code

BNB Chain $GOLDEN Smart Contract

Verified: 0x7d4984490c4c68f8ead9dddca6d04c514ef77324

ETH Chain $GOLDEN Smart Contract

Verified: 0xD87996Ff3D06858BFC20989aEF50cc5FCD4d84ca

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Audit Smart Contract

BEP-20: Coming soon.

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Golden Inu Token is listed on renowned platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Discover our global presence on top crypto rankers, reflecting our growing influence and credibility in the market.


Discover what the media are saying about Golden Inu Token. This section showcases a collection of media mentions, reviews, and articles from various news outlets and industry experts.
Dive into the perspectives and insights from around the globe highlighting the impact and growth of $GOLDEN in the blockchain world.

Image related to the blog post.
Top Reasons $Golden Token Is The Official Shiba Inu Killer & Best Of 2023 Memcoins

Golden Inu’s new ERC-20 token presale is almost complete.  It has less than 4 days left on its countdown. Crypto whales could also consume the remaining 17ETH of discounted $Golden tokens, closing the ICO presale’s second round early. After completion, the ethereum-blockchain version of the Golden Inu token will launch on ERC-20 friendly crypto exchange, Uniswap.

Image related to the blog post.
Shiba Inu (SHIB) Whale Moves $38M — Golden Inu (GOLDEN) To Start Massive Token Burn

Recently, a Shiba Inu (SHIB) whale moved over 4.6 trillion SHIB tokens, worth about $38 million, between two unknown wallets. While the investor’s motive is unclear, some speculate that it could be related to the relaunch of Shibarium, the layer-2 scaling solution for the SHIB ecosystem.

Image related to the blog post.
Incredible 10,000% ROI Predicted For Golden Inu — 2023’s Top Memecoin & New Shiba Inu Rival

Shiba Inu token recently witnessed significant growth in burning, with an increase of nearly +74% yesterday. However, despite this development, the token’s price sank by almost -1%, adding to its challenges in 2023. This decline sheds light on the vulnerable aspect of the meme token, exposing its Achilles heel. As a result, investors in $SHIB are now making a migration to a new erc-20 network token known as “Golden Inu.”

Image related to the blog post.
The $GOLDEN Economy: Insights into Golden Inu’s Pre-Game 23% Surge

As the highly-anticipated launch of Golden Inuverse (official site) approaches, the $GOLDEN token, by Golden Inu, has witnessed a significant surge in value, sparking interest and speculation within the cryptocurrency community. Understanding the factors contributing to this surge provides valuable insights into the token’s pre-launch dynamics.

Image related to the blog post.
Golden Inu Crypto Founder Opens Poll To Decide How to Allocate Gas-Tax Revenue

The Golden Inu Token recently unveiled a crucial decision that holds the potential to significantly shape the future trajectory of the ecosystem. With a firm commitment to involving the community in important matters, the project has proposed two distinct paths for allocating 50% of the revenue generated by the Golden Inu ecosystem.

Image related to the blog post.
How Does Golden Inu Plan to Become the Best Meme Coin of 2023? Everything You Need to Know

The cryptocurrency market has gone through a lot in the past few years, giving birth to many sub-niches, perhaps the most prominent one of which is meme coins. Dogecoin – the original meme coin – was developed as a joke. It had no purpose. In fact, here are five things that you might not know about it. Despite that, people flocked to buy the meme coin, turning it into a billion-dollar project with millions of holders.

Image related to the blog post.
Challenging Shiba Inu, An ICO Presale, & Becoming Top Meme Coin of 2023: An Interview With Golden Inu’s ...

Golden Inu has quickly become the topic of conversations entering the 2nd quarter of 2023.  The brand’s $Golden token outpaced all other memecoin cryptos in terms of ROI in June, and the brand is working on further expansion.


Discover where to buy Golden Inu Tokens with our Full Exchange List. This page provides direct links to various exchanges where $GOLDEN is available, simplifying your search for a reliable trading platform. Start trading Golden Inu today with ease and convenience.

Golden Inu being in love with the fact that his token is available to buy and sell over these exchanging platforms.


Discover the Golden Inu Ecosystem, where the $GOLDEN token powers a diverse range of innovative and secure decentralized applications. Join our vibrant community in exploring cutting-edge solutions across finance, gaming, and more.


Seamlessly track vital information about the Golden Inu Token and its ecosystem with this comprehensive tool. Streamline your data intake and stay abreast of all things Golden Inu.


Take part in the Golden Inu ecosystem and amplify your earnings and your social media reach. Join the Golden Quest and enjoy rewards in $GOLDEN.


Step into the Golden Inuverse, a play-to-earn crypto game that opens doors to earning $GOLDEN tokens through in-game tasks, battles, and adventures.


Experience the merger of Amazon and Shopify in this decentralized marketplace. The Golden Bazaar empowers you to create online storefronts for products and services, marking a groundbreaking leap in the DeFi e-commerce platform.


An ongoing project aimed at launching a decentralized exchange to support BSC, ETH networks.

Many more on the way

Stay tuned as we innovate, expand, and make our mark in the crypto world. Your journey with Golden Inu Token is just getting started.


Explore Golden Inu's strategic roadmap, a detailed guide outlining our milestones and future plans. This section provides a transparent look into the goals, developments, and vision for Golden Inu Token, illustrating our commitment to growth and innovation in the future awaiting us.


Website Launch

Listing CoinGecko

Listing CoinMarketCap

1,000 Holders

Social Media Build-up

BNB Chain & Ethereum


Golden Dashboard

Golden Quest

Press Release

Golden Inuverse Initiatives

Merchandise Drop

NFT Drop


Contract Golden Treasury

Burn Portal

New branding Golden Inu

CEX Listing T2

CEX Listing T3

NFT Marketplace Deployment

Global Marketing Campaigns

Game release Inuverse

Philanthropic Initiatives

20,000 Holders


Website Rework

Golden Bazaar

Major Partnership

Day Grant Program

50,000 Holders


Get to know the dedicated team driving Golden Inu Token's success. Our team section introduces the skilled professionals and passionate innovators committed to shaping the future of blockchain technology. Learn about the people who are at the forefront of Golden Inu. Token growth and vision.

Illustration showing Takeishi, the creator of Golden Inu and project manager.
Illustration showing Arkad, our Game Designer within Golden Inu.
Illustration showing Jenya, our main web developer.
Illustration showing Saab, our solidity developer within our project.
Illustration showing DRCZ, our brand identity and web designer.
Illustration showing King Vega, our graphic designer and one of our first team members.
King Vega
Illustration showing Hana, from our graphic team, mostly on illustrations side.
Artwork illustrating how the newsletter is written in the world of Golden Inu.


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