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Participate in the Exciting $Golden Meme Madness

Are you prepared to showcase your wit and artistic skills? We're thrilled to introduce the Golden Inu Meme Madness competition, specifically designed for the Golden Horde. This contest invites participants to create and share amusing, captivating memes centred around the $GOLDEN token, our charming mascot, or any associated crypto theme. The primary objectives are enhancing brand awareness, promoting community involvement, and infusing humour into the Golden Inu Token.

Contest Duration and Platforms:

The $Golden Meme Madness contest will span 7 days, offering ample opportunity for participants to exercise their creativity. Contestants can submit their meme creations on any (or all) designated platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, and Telegram.

Guidelines for Entering the Contest:

To participate in the Golden Meme Madness competition, adhere to the following rules:

  • Devise an original meme featuring the $GOLDEN token, Golden Inu mascot, or any related subject matter.
  • Ensure the meme is humorous, engaging, and has a positive message.
  • Share your meme on at least one of the specified platforms using the hashtag #GoldenMemeMadness, if you don't use that one, your entry won't be count in.The more hashtag you use the more chance you will have to go viral and so win the contest. Choose them wisely.
  • Tag the official account @GoldenInuToken and 3 friends on Twitter and Instagram.
  • On Reddit, post your meme in the designated contest thread within the Golden Inu subreddit
  • Participants can submit multiple entries, but each entry must be distinctive.

Judging Criteria:

The Golden Inu team will evaluate memes based on these criteria:

  • Originality and innovation
  • Animated videos, long form memes. (++reward)
  • Humour and user engagement
  • Relevance to the Golden Inu project
  • Potential for virality (likes, shares, comments)

Attractive Prizes:

We have assembled an array of exciting prizes for contest winners:

  • 1st Place: 100 $GOLDEN tokens
  • 2nd Place: 50 $GOLDEN tokens
  • 3rd Place: 25 $GOLDEN tokens
  • 4th Place: 25$ $GOLDEN tokens each

Announcing the Winners:

Following the contest's conclusion, our team will select the top 10 memes based on the established criteria and announce the winners across all official Golden Inu social media channels. Don't miss this opportunity to express your creativity—join the Golden Inu Meme Madness contest today!


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