Golden Inu Token


How To Buy Golden Inu ERC20 with ETH On UniSwap

Welcome to the $GOLDEN Token Purchase Guide

This page is designed to guide you through the process of purchasing $GOLDEN tokens on Uniswap. You will find an interactive Uniswap interface on one side and a detailed step-by-step tutorial on the other side to assist you in buying $GOLDEN tokens smoothly.

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How to Buy $GOLDEN Token on Uniswap
  1. Begin by accessing the Buy Token interface in the adjacent widget or below if you are on mobile. You will find yourself in the "Swap" section by default.

  2. Start buy connecting your wallet, and then to the settings icons..

  3. Edit the slippage to 7% and then select the amount of ETH or GOLDEN you wish to buy

  4. Upon clicking "Swap" you'll receive a prompt to confirm the transaction in your wallet. Each wallet application has a different interface, so follow the provided instructions to confirm the transaction.

  5. The processing speed depends on the congestion on the Ethereum network. Once successful, the $GOLDEN Tokens will appear in your wallet.

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