The Value Of The New ERC-20 Token Golden Inu Is Going Up And Is Likely To Go Through An All-Time High (ATH)

The new ERC-20 form of the Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] token is getting a lot of attention with a huge price jump after its successful presale funding rounds. The coin’s value has been increasing, and in the last week it has made news as one of the most profitable memecoins. It looks like it will be one of the best crypto options for 2023, even though you have to pay 7% slippage to trade.

And most traders are hanging on for dear life instead of selling for XX% to XXX%. Why do they need to do this? It’s already being said that the Golden Inu (ERC-20) token will soon be added to Coin Market Cap and CoinGecko, two of the most important coin platforms.

It will probably be on Binance and Coinbase in the future, just like its sibling ecosystem coin, the $GOLDEN BEP-20 version. According to analysts, it will go up by up to XXX% since its ICO stage. This is mostly because people want to be listed on these big cryptocurrency brand listing indexes.

Moving Forward To Reach New Heights

ERC-20 $GOLDEN has gone up an impressive 40% in the last week, which has investors looking for high-yield chances in the cryptocurrency market interested. The price of the currency is now $0.00000000001746 after breaking above the support zone of $0.00000000001650.

Even more exciting is the chance that the asset will test its all-time high of $0.00000000001855. This week, Golden Inu’s new ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain could very well set a new ATH if things keep going the way they are. It’s clear that the market likes $GOLDEN because there have been no sell signs on the charts for the last 24 hours and only buy signals.

The Price Of BNB Chain $Golden Is Also Going Up

The Ethereum Blockchain is not the only place where the Golden Inu project has been successful. The market opinion for the BNB Chain version of $GOLDEN is also positive, and it is growing very quickly. The BNB Chain $GOLDEN has become a strong competitor in the memecoin market, and more and more buyers are interested in it.

The value of the BNB Chain $GOLDEN token has gone through the roof, just like its ERC-20 cousin. This shows how committed the project is to new ideas and community involvement. The performance of the BNB Chain $GOLDEN makes Golden Inu’s place in the crypto space even stronger as it continues to grow its ecosystem across multiple blockchains. Even though both tokens do well, they both make the Golden Inu ecosystem stronger overall by giving buyers more ways to grow and diversify their holdings.

The ERC-20 and BNB Chain versions work well together to create a dynamic and connected memecoin atmosphere that interests crypto fans all over the world. Golden Inu’s smart use of the benefits of different blockchains makes its coin holders more accessible and increases their trading options. The good performance of the BNB Chain $GOLDEN shows that the project has a chance to be successful in the long term and last in a tough market.

Tokens Worth $Golden Will Be Used In A New P2E Crypto Game

Traders are also interested in the play-to-earn crypto game Golden Inuverse, which is being built in public view on its official website. As planned, a beta version of the game will be out next month, according to the schedule.

A lot of people are looking forward to the game’s release so they can start making Golden Inu tokens by playing $Golden Inuverse.

This could easily make the daily trading of both the ERC-20 and BEP-20 forms of the $GOLDEN token even busier. The market action should cause the token’s value to rise right away, along with other things like its listing on the CoinMarketCap and Coingecko indexes.

These reasons may also explain the recent “whale-like” rise in purchases of the Golden Inu (ERC-20) token. Someone bought more than 1 Trillion tokens early this morning, July 29th. Keep a close eye on the official Shiba Inu Killer in the crypto space. It’s going to be the top memecoin of 2023. A huge price increase looks like it’s coming soon.

Disclaimer: Our writers share their own opinions, which may or may not reflect those of Golden Inu Token. Golden Inu Token gives access to economic and market data for educational purposes only. If you lose money trading cryptocurrencies, you can’t hold Golden Inu Token responsible. Do your own homework by consulting with financial experts before making any major investments. To the best of our knowledge, all information is accurate as of the publication date; however, certain offers may have expired since then.

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