Since September 22, The Daily Shib Burn Has Dropped 91%. Golden Inu Gives An Update On The Upcoming Web3 Game

An important figure in the world of crypto, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, burned almost all of his Shiba Inu (SHIB) shares in 2021 to help the relatively unknown memecoin become more popular. This has been one of the most talked about and followed topics in the Shiba Inu society ever since. With more than 580 trillion SHIB in circulation, some people still had hope that the constant burning of the asset would continue to greatly increase the value of $SHIB, possibly even to the unimaginable level of $0.01.

With the recent launch of Shibarium, there were new dreams that the token based on dogs would have another big burning rally. That being said, what happened next was disappointing for most people in the town. As of September 22, almost 250 million SHIB, or about $1,700 USD, had been burned in Shiba in one day.

Since then, the burn rate hasn’t been able to keep up its speed, and on October 5, it finally dropped to a mere 20 million SHIB ($143.00). People in the neighborhood are usually disappointed by this big drop in the rate of burning. It would still take decades for the value of the token to hit one cent, even if the project was able to keep burning 250 million SHIB every day.

Golden Inu Gives News About New Web3 Game

Recent tweets from the Golden Inu (GOLDEN) team included news about their much-anticipated play-to-earn game, “Golden Inuverse.” In their quest for perfection, the developers have run into unexpected technical problems with the back-end technology of the game and making the servers run faster. Because of this, the start of the game, which fans were really looking forward to, has been put off for now.

Those who are interested will be glad to hear that this delay is a good sign. The makers are currently very busy working on major 3D improvements that will make the game the best it can be before it comes out officially. This careful attention to detail is meant to make sure that Golden Inuverse not only works perfectly but also gives you the best game experience possible from the start.

In addition to being a great place to play games, Golden Inuverse has a lot of potential and could change the way Web3 games are played in 2023. This delay is even more important because it has to do with the project’s token-burning mechanism and marks a turning point in the growth of the game. Like Shiba Inu before Vitalik Buterin’s “grand burn” in 2021, Golden Inu is about to experience a value surge that could be as big as Shiba Inu’s nearly 100,000,000% growth in 2021.

The launch of the Golden Inuverse is likely to coincide with the start of the new burning system, Golden Treasury. Both operations will work together to buy back $GOLDEN tokens and burn them. This will be done with half of the total dApp income from Golden Inu’s ecosystem. Golden Inu’s burning of tokens might be different from its competitors because the project won’t count on holders’ goodwill to burn their tokens willingly. Instead, it will keep burning tokens steadily as the project’s popularity grows.

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