Shytoshi Teases Future Developments In The Face Of Price Stability—Golden Inu Unveils AI Project

Shytoshi Kusama, one of the founders of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) token, recently said in the project’s official Telegram group that the memecoin might be getting new features soon. Kusama told the community that “something is brewing” when they asked her if Shiba Inu would be getting new things soon.

The claim is strange because the memecoin’s biggest project, the layer-2 blockchain Shibarium, just started a few months ago. At that time, the blockchain was well accepted by the cryptocurrency community. It recently passed the 3 million transaction mark on the platform.

But people didn’t think that a successful blockchain would have as much of a good effect on the ecosystem assets, $SHIB, and $BONE. Both tokens have been trading in a range since their launches, meaning that buyers have not made any substantial gains during that time.

Shibarium also couldn’t change the rate of burning of $SHIB in a way that would last forever. Only seventeen million SHIB, or less than one hundred twenty-five dollars, were burned today, October 6. It has yet to be determined for sure what new changes will be made to the crypto project. However, people who own SHIB are getting restless with Shiba Inu’s lack of clear direction over the past year.

Golden Inu Shows Off New AI Model

In other news, Golden Inu (GOLDEN), the rising star Shiba Inu Killer, recently tweeted that the project is going to get a new AI character. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but it shows that Golden Inu is taking its first steps into the world of AI innovations. People will be able to talk to the new character and get useful information in real time.

The new AI model could be more than just a mascot. It could also add another layer of security so that people in the community could get information about the project straight from the source.

News About Golden Inus Coming Up

As we get closer to the end of the year, it looks like Golden Inu (GOLDEN) is getting ready for another exciting couple of months. While finishing up the last touches on the new “Golden Inuverse” play-to-earn game, the project’s new token-burning system, also known as “Golden Bazaar,” will also be released at the same time.

With trillions of $GOLDEN tokens in circulation, the new way of burning them could make most of the people who own them into multibillionaires in the future. The fund would work by giving half of the profit made by the ecosystem’s dApps to charity. It would also buy tokens that are already in circulation and burn them.

Unlike most of its rivals, the Golden Treasury can support a steady burning rate that could even go up. This new system will also provide a steady rate of burning tokens for the community since it won’t depend on individual users choosing to do so. This rate could rise along with the success of Golden Inu’s dApps.

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