How Many Holders Of Shiba Inu Are There

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has become a prominent meme coin dubbed the “Dogecoin killer,” garnering attention for its playful branding and growing community. This article delves into SHIB’s and Golden Inu’s holder statistics and market influence.

How Many Holders of Shiba Inu Coins?

As of May 2024, Shiba Inu boasts approximately 1.2 million unique wallet addresses holding SHIB tokens. This substantial number reflects the widespread interest and adoption of Shiba Inu, driven by factors like its affordability, accessibility, and vibrant community.

Top 10 Holders of Shiba Inu

While many investors hold SHIB, the distribution is heavily skewed towards a few large holders. Here are the details of the top 10 holders as of the latest data:

1. Burn Address (41%):

The largest holder of SHIB is a burn address, not owned by any individual or entity, where around 410 trillion tokens have been sent. Vitalik Buterin initiated the burn, reducing the supply to increase SHIB’s value.

2. Binance (5%):

Binance, one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges globally, holds about 60 trillion SHIB tokens. These tokens are primarily used to provide liquidity for trading on the platform. Binance’s holding helps maintain market stability and ensures that traders have sufficient liquidity to buy and sell SHIB.

3. Crypto.com (3.5%):

Crypto.com is another major exchange that holds approximately 40 trillion SHIB tokens. These tokens are also used for liquidity purposes, facilitating smooth transactions for the platform’s users. Crypto.com’s significant holdings underscore its role in supporting the SHIB trading ecosystem.

4. Uniswap V2 Contract (3%):

The Uniswap V2 contract address holds around 30 trillion SHIB tokens. Uniswap, being a decentralized exchange, allows users to trade SHIB directly from their wallets without relying on a centralized authority. The tokens held in this contract are crucial for enabling decentralized trading and providing liquidity to the SHIB-ETH trading pair.

5. Huobi (2.5%):

Huobi, a leading global exchange, holds roughly 25 trillion SHIB tokens. Similar to other exchanges, Huobi uses these tokens to ensure liquidity for its users, allowing for efficient trading and contributing to the overall market stability of SHIB.

6. FTX (2%):

FTX, another prominent exchange, holds around 20 trillion SHIB tokens. FTX’s holdings are part of its strategy to provide robust trading options and liquidity for its users. The exchange’s involvement indicates the widespread acceptance and trading interest in SHIB.

7. KuCoin (1.8%):

KuCoin, popular among retail investors, holds about 18 trillion SHIB tokens. KuCoin’s significant holdings are used to facilitate trading on their platform, ensuring that users can buy and sell SHIB with minimal slippage and market impact.

8. OKEx (1.5%):

OKEx holds approximately 15 trillion SHIB tokens, providing essential trading liquidity. OKEx’s holdings help maintain a stable trading environment for SHIB, benefiting both new and existing traders on their platform.

9. Private Whale 1 (1%):

This private wallet address holds around 10 trillion SHIB tokens. Private whales are individual investors with significant holdings. Their investments can influence market trends and price movements, and their substantial stake indicates strong confidence in SHIB’s potential.

10. Private Whale 2 (0.8%)]:

Another private investor holds approximately 8 trillion SHIB tokens. Like the first private whale, this significant holding reflects a strategic investment in SHIB, with the potential to impact market dynamics depending on their trading activities.

Factors Behind the High Number of Holders

Several key factors contribute to the large number of SHIB holders:

1. Community Engagement: The Shiba Inu community, known as the “Shib Army,” is highly active on social media, promoting the token and organizing various initiatives.  

2. Accessibility: SHIB is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken, making it easy for investors worldwide to buy and trade the token.

3. Affordability: With a large supply and low price per token, SHIB offers an accessible entry point for new investors looking to participate in the cryptocurrency market.

4. Hype and Media Attention: High-profile endorsements and extensive media coverage have significantly boosted SHIB’s visibility and attractiveness.

How Many Holders of Golden Inu Coins?

Golden Inu Coin has become a sensation in the crypto world. But how many people actually hold this meme-inspired cryptocurrency? Let’s delve into the numbers and understand the community behind Golden Inu Coin.

Current Number of Holders

The exact number of holders is a dynamic figure, constantly changing as new investors come on board. As of now, the number of holders is steadily increasing, reflecting the growing interest in this unique token.

Why Is This Number Important?

The number of holders can be an indicator of the coin’s popularity and potential. A higher number of holders often means:

  • Increased liquidity
  • Higher community trust
  • Potential for price stability

How to Check the Number of Holders

You can easily check the current number of Golden Inu Coin holders by visiting the official Golden Inu Token website. The site provides real-time data and other valuable insights about the token.

Steps to Find the Holder Count:

  • Go to the official website: goldeninutoken.org
  • Navigate to the statistics section
  • Look for the ‘Holders’ metric

Buying Golden Inu Coin

Interested in joining the community? Here’s how you can buy Golden Inu Coin:

Steps to Purchase Golden Inu Coin

  • Visit the official Golden Inu Token website
  • Connect your crypto wallet
  • Select the amount you wish to purchase
  • Complete the transaction


The landscape of meme coins is evolving, with Shiba Inu and Golden Inu Coin leading the charge. Shiba Inu’s extensive holder base, bolstered by key exchanges and community engagement, showcases its wide-reaching influence in the crypto space. Meanwhile, Golden Inu Coin’s steadily growing number of holders reflects a burgeoning interest in this unique token. Understanding the holder dynamics of these coins is crucial for investors, providing insights into their popularity and market potential. As the crypto world continues to expand, keeping an eye on these metrics will help navigate the ever-changing market landscape.

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