Polygon And Golden Inu Plan Ecosystem Improvements For Late 2023

Polygon is a project that first began as a proof-of-stake network with the intention of scaling Ethereum. Since its inception, Polygon has undergone ongoing development to provide the cryptocurrency community with a variety of technological solutions.

Its most recent attempts include the deployment of token contracts for its new token, POL, on the Ethereum blockchain. This was one of its most recent endeavors. This action is a crucial component of the multi-chain scaling approach that Polygon has developed.

Moving From Matic To Pol

The Polygon network has gone through a big change with the addition of the POL coin. The current MATIC token will finally be replaced by POL. Holders of MATIC have four years to switch to POL. It is planned that this migration will go smoothly, making it easy for people to switch to the new network.

In Polygon’s larger plan to improve its network, POL will be very important. It lets users place their tokens on multiple chains that work with each other. On each staked chain, they can earn protocol rewards and transaction fees.

For now, the Polygon team is sure that POL will eventually take the place of MATIC as the network’s official currency.

On Polygon’s plan, they will switch from their current proof-of-stake chain to a pure zkRollup option. The network should be able to grow and work more efficiently after this change. Polygon is also working hard to create a new standard for how its different chains can work with each other. This will make the ecosystem more connected and busy for users.

Golden Inu’s Ecosystem Change

With the release of “Golden Inuverse,” a Play-to-Earn RPG game, Golden Inu, who is often called the “Shiba Inu Killer,” is going to make a big splash in the crypto world. People who like games and people who are interested in crypto will both love this new game.

As a prize in “Golden Inuverse,” players will have the one-of-a-kind chance to get $GOLDEN tokens. Participants can see their hard work pay off in the form of a valuable cryptocurrency, which is a strong motivation to play as much as possible.

The game’s launch coincided with the release of a new way to burn tokens called the “Golden Treasury.” To use this clever strategy, 50% of the money made by the game and other new dApps will be used to buy back and burn $GOLDEN tokens.

A Method Of Deflation

The Golden Treasury’s method for burning tokens is meant to lower the number of tokens available and make them scarce. These factors could then set Golden Inu up for big growth in the cryptocurrency world. The rate at which tokens are burned is directly related to how well apps like “Golden Inuverse” do.

In addition to burning tokens, this method gives the crypto community a strong reason to back Golden Inu’s different dApps. This makes users more involved and helpful, which strengthens the project’s reputation in the crypto world.

Taking Advantage Of The Chance

Investors and fans of the Golden Inu should pay attention, because these events are set to happen on December 25th, which is a rare chance to make money. People who act quickly can still buy $GOLDEN pieces at the prices they are at now before these huge changes happen.

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