Once Token Burning Starts, The Value Of Golden Inu (Golden) Will Skyrocket

Golden Inu, known as the Shiba Inu Killer, has only been in the cryptocurrency market for seven months. Still, it is already getting ready to start its much-anticipated gaming platform, Golden Universe. The “Golden Treasury,” a new way to burn tokens that comes with this important release, is a revolutionary idea that could take the $GOLDEN token to a whole new level.

The upcoming gaming project from Golden Inu, called Golden Inuverse, is already getting much attention in the cryptocurrency industry. Many people will want to play this game because it has new ways to play and is fun to use. But what makes the game unique is its creative economic model, which includes the Golden Treasury, a way to make $GOLDEN coins more valuable.

Golden Inverse: Where Crypto And Games Converge

The team working on Golden Inuverse said today that they are working to finish the steps and improve the 3D models so that the game can reach its full potential when it comes out. The game will give players an immersive RPG experience while also letting them make the best battle plans for their NFT characters to get the most $GOLDEN rewards.

Different groups of characters in Golden Inuverse will have different “bloodlines” that affect their stats and looks. With the added thrill of being able to earn $GOLDEN tokens while having fun with engaging games, Golden Inuverse is a leader in the new play-to-earn gaming industry. Also, people who join early will have the unique chance to earn prizes in a currency that will become very popular once the Golden Treasury is used.

The Golden Treasury Will Change The Way Tokens Are Used

At the heart of Golden Inuverse is the Golden Treasury, a revolutionary system that burns $GOLDEN tokens that are floating around the market with a big chunk of the game’s earnings.

When the game and other new Golden Inu dApps make money, half of that money will be used to buy and then burn $GOLDEN tokens. The goal of this smart move is to lower the number of tokens available, which will make them scarce and raise demand.

This could cause the value of $GOLDEN tokens to go up, which is good news for buyers and fans. The constant burning of tokens is expected to make them scarce, which will create an imbalance between supply and demand that will drive the token’s value to new heights.

A massive amount of tokens are being burned every day, quadrillions of them. This is a very unusual event in the world of cryptocurrencies, and it has investors and experts alike very interested.

Growth Based On Bets With Golden Treasury

With the new game coming out soon and the Golden Treasury being added, Golden Inu is about to start a new era of growth and new ideas. Also, the ever-growing world of Web3 games has turned out to be a very profitable place to be. Amazingly, Axie Infinity made $1.8 billion in sales in 2021. 

So, it seems like it will only be a matter of time before Golden Inuverse becomes more well-known and grows. But just for fun, let’s say the game makes a small $100,000 in its first month. If that happens, half of that amount ($50,000) would be set aside just for burning tokens.

We can guess what a good outcome this simple burning might have for the $GOLDEN token by using the formula [NewPrice = MarketCap ÷ Supply].

The price of one $GOLDEN [BEP-20] token is $0.000000000004701, and the market cap is about $200 million. If $50,000 worth of $GOLDEN [BEP-20] were burned, the new price of one token would be $0.000000000006267, which is 33.11% more than the original price.

What’s even better for people who own $GOLDEN is that this figure doesn’t take into account the huge rise in interest and adoption that Golden Inu will see once its dApps go live. Many new things are coming soon, which means that Golden Inu will soon have even more success on the market.

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