Golden News EP.1: Where is Golden Inu Token going?

In our first official release of Golden News, we decided to walk you through where we plan on taking this coin in the near future and our goals for Golden Inu Token in the coming months.

Foreword from the Golden Team:

Presale Lessons

Through the presale of Ethereum, we learned a lot about what is needed in this ever-developing market. Our presale actually raised 5.915 ETH in just under a few days, which far exceeded our expectations, and serves as a benchmark for us to push the dual token into new heights. There are still days to contribute to the presale, 45 days still, so if you would like to make a contribution, visit our presale page. Please make no mistake. The presale instilled in the team valuable information that will be pivotal to developing our ecosystem in the coming months and years. We have everything we need to make Golden Inu Token go boom.

Safeguarding Measures

There has to be complete transparency in the crypto world for anything to be successful. Rug-pulls and scams are way too familiar for anybody to feel genuinely safe staking their money. In order to put your mind at ease, Golden Inu prides itself on being completely transparent to stakeholders, potential buyers, and even rivals. There is no place for trickery in the crypto world and, indeed, no place for it in the Golden Horde. As a safeguarding measure, 6% of our supply is held in a multi-sig wallet and will be used as tokens for future centralised exchange listings, bridges, and future liquidity pools. Feel free to track this wallet under the name goldentreasury.bnb

Current Projects

Our primary project at the minute that is live right now is Golden Quest, our attempt to involve our stakeholders in creating the Golden Inu franchise while simultaneously rewarding them for their work. As it currently stands, our most popular quest has over 200 participants, a nice $500 cash prize on the 12th of June will be given away. Best of luck to whoever that may be!

To view any potential quests you can participate in, follow the Golden Quest.

Furthermore, our endeavours to improve the quality and quantity of information presented at our Golden Dashboard have been a resounding success. The site now averages 25 daily visits, up 42% from last month.

Works in Progress

There are, of course, areas of the project that need tweaks and repairs, and we welcome that. For starters, the team felt there was too little opportunity to earn Golden Inu, so Golden Inuverse was born.

Golden Universe is the upcoming Play to Earn game planned to release before the end of Q2 2023, if you missed this information read more about our $Golden Inuverse – Definite Roadmap . The Universe will feature intricate in-game purchases and tailored NFT services related to Golden Inu.

The team also agreed that there is not enough of a difference in the recognisability of Golden Inu from other meme coins in the market, and so now there are plans to rebrand Golden Inu in the near future, including creating a new logo and website to increase the ability for Golden Inu to be recognised as what is truly is.

Final Notes

With 1460 organic holders for the BSC token already listed on coingecko and 27 contributors on the Ethereum presale, Golden Inu stands in a great position to move forward into the coin’s life cycle growth stage. The foundations have been laid solidly, and there are now a reasonable number of loyal holders. In the coming months, the Golden Team, driven by the community’s will, can grow this project into something much bigger, much more influential. There is work to be done, and with each improvement, there will arise new problems to be solved, but with the help of the Golden Quest, and a strong-willed community ushering us every step of the way, this coin is on track to become one of great power, and it’s all thanks to you.

Stay safe, everyone, and watch out for Episode 2 of Golden News!

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