Golden Inuverse – Summary Game Release

Objectives of game:

IGP = In Game Purchase

● Start With 1 Planet; Game will Add A New Planet Each 12 Months

● Users must connect a wallet (erc20 or bep20 network) to play & have at least 1000

● $Golden tokens; Game is free, but there must be $Golden in the wallet at all times.

● First 111 users get to enter free (If killed in battle 2x, must pay)
  ○ Next 111 Users Must Pay $1 in USD to Join [ starts at 222 ]
  ○ Next 111 Users Must Pay $2 in USD to Join [ starts at 333 ]
  ○ Next 111 Users Must Pay $3 in USD to Join [ starts at 444 ]
  ○ Next 111 Users Must Pay $4 in USD to Join [ starts at 555 ]
  ○ After 555 users have joined, fee stays at $5 USD until 1,111 users: Fee Goes    Up TO $7.50
  ○ After 11,111 User have joined, the ultimate fee of $9.99 is set and will stay   this way forever

● Earn 500 $Golden tokens by inviting other players; after they connect their wallet and accepted

● Users Get To Design Their Inu upon Start (similar to how reddit allows character
  ○ Every user has a belt and it will display their username
  ○ Allow male or female Inu option
  ○ Allow these height options: Short, Average, or Tall
   ■ Short sized Inu can be: Heavy, Average, or muscular build
   ■ Average sized Inu can be: Muscular, Lean, or Fat
   ■ Tall sized Inu can be: Lean/athletic or Thin
  ○ Allow Inu color tone to be modified to represent (black, white, tan, brown,    Spotted)
  ○ Allow fur pattern to be changed (at least 5 variations)
  ○ Allow 25 hairstyles per sex
  ○ Allow 25 hair colors
  ○ Allow Inu to have 5 different eye shape options
  ○ Allow Inu to have 7 different eye color options
  ○ Allow Inu to have 7 different facial hair options

● Every Inu starts with a ‘strength bar’ on 100% (100 points)

● Must forage through Ancient Lands to find Food, Weapons, & Rocks daily

   ○ Users Get 3 Days of food Supply to Start
    ■ Everyday a person does not eat, their Golden Inu loses 5 points of its
     ‘character strength”
    ■ New food will be found in the game; randomly placed by computer:
     ● Fruit Trees / Plans
      ○ Mango
       ■ +2 strength
       ■ Has a red stripe on skin
      ○ Unripe Mango
       ■ +0 strength
       ■ Has a green stripe on skin
      ○ Papaya
       ■ +5 strength
      ○ Watermelon
       ■ +2 strength
      ○ Guanabana
       ■ +15 strength
       ■ Very rare
     ● Vegetables
      ○ Kale
       ■ +2 strength
      ○ Broccoli
       ■ +2 strength
     ● Golden Eggs
      ○ Good eggs
       ■ found in clusters even numbers up to 8
       ■ Have 2 black spots
       ■ Give Users +2 strength
       ■ Can be traded for up to US$0.09 cents each
      ○ Bad Eggs
       ■ found in clusters of odd numbers up to 5
       ■ Have 3 white spots
       ■ Make user sick and lose -1 of strength
       ■ Can be traded for up to US$0.09 cents each

Can kill turkey, deer, chicken, and birds that are roaming the lands

Precious Stones / Coins
       ● Diamonds
        ○ Very rare; Highly precious
        ○ Can be used when Players cross path of Computer generated          “Forger Inus” to upgrade weapons and make defensive          weapons more durable
        ○ Can be traded for up to US$5.00 in $Golden
        ○ Will flash color of a rainbow when rotated on screen
      ● Quartz
        ○ Looks like a Diamond but it’s not
        ○ Transparent and will now shine in rainbow
        ○ Can be used in “Slingshot” to kill birds / small game
        ○ Can be traded for up to US$5.00 in Golden
        ○ Users can try to sell it to other users as a Diamond
      ● $Golden Treasure Chests
        ○ When a player’s character is terminated through inactivity or defeat to a computer generated character; the location where they were defeated will appear a treasure chest filled with the tokens the character wagered in battle. If they wagered nothing, not treasure chest will be created.

(silver = weakest , gold = mid, diamond = most powerful)
    ■ Offensive Weapons:
     ● AXE,
     ● Blow Dart Pipe with Blow Darts
      ○ Darts are from wood from a certain tree
       ■ Silver, gold, and Diamond version of tree will exist
     ● Hammer,
     ● Sword,
     ● Quartz Slingshot
    ■ IGP// Offensive weapons:
     ● Bow & Arrow
     ● Boomerang
     ● Flail (2 balls)

    ■ Defensive Weapons:
     ● Golden Leg Armor
     ● Silver Shield
    ■ IGP// Defensive Weapons:
     ● Golden Gloves (these will project a blocking Shield)
     ● Golden Helmet
     ● Golden Shoulder Pads

When crossing paths with other users (not on the same team), Must do battle, Trade Goods, or can try to run. Dialogue box will show options and allow users to send text to each other (ie: can talk trash to one another or ask about their journey; who they are;where from)
  ○ In Dialogue Box each other will choose either ‘Battle, Trade, or Run’
   ■ Each user will be made aware of the other’s selected action
   ■ If battle is chosen by User A and Not User B, then the User B will get the
   option to ‘Battle or Run’
    ● If he chooses Run, User A will see him running and can choose to hunt     down User B and attempt to kill him or continue on their journey as     normal

    ● Winner gets to keep coins and food suppliers of lower
    ● Winner gains 7% more strength
    ● the weapon used in battle begins to change in color from the tip; a     gradient change of 10%
      ○ After 10 battles are won it will be a completely new color
      ○ The new color signifies the weapon is more powerful and able to do       more damage to other Users that choose to battle (version 2 of a       weapon; an upgrade)
   ■ LOSER
    ● If you lose a battle, User loses coins and food supplies to winner
    ● User also loses 5% of their strength from a User vs User battle

   ■ User A can offer their weapons or food for coins.
   ■ User B can accept or decline
   ■ Scam option: Users will find ‘replica’ food

There will be rivers & mountains in the way of users exploring new lands.
 ○ There will be “Giant Inu” creatures that protect each land
  ■ GIs will will request a fee to help users ($1 USD in   tokens) cross lands
  OR the user must battle to gain the Giant Inu’s respect
  ■ If user loses, they lose 20% of the $Golden tokens, they have ($3 USD max)   and 20% of strength
   ● Lost tokens will turn into ‘$Golden Treasure Chest” and be left at that    location of battle. The Giants do not wish to carry loser’s tokens.
  ■ If user battles and wins, they gain 20% of the $Golden tokens they have ($3 USD max) & get strength bar set back to 100%

 ○ Occasionally, Shiba Inus will be spotted.
  ■ Smaller bush creature
  ■ Weak and rare creature in the woods
  ■ Carry a rabid like disease
  ■ killing these gets User 5 $GoldenTokens.
  ■ These will go extinct after 20,230,0000 are killed

 ○ Along the trail users will also encounter mystical ‘Gypsy Inu sellers’. These   sellers will offer ‘IGP building supplies’ to allow people to build towers that   look like statues of themselves.
   ■ IGP Supplies:
    ● Character mold to place cement (requires 111 pounds to fill) // $11 USD
    ● 1 lb cement laced with pirate (fools gold for sparkle) // $1 USD per     pound
    ● 1 lb of melted gold // $11 USD per pound

   ■ A completed cement statue that stays for 180 days in game or until     someone tears it down

   ■ A gold statue is permanent and stays in the game forever if built with    ‘diamond hands’
    ● Will display the Username of the person who built it across the figure’s     belt.
    ● Can be damaged and torn down with players with Top Tier Diamond     Weapons
    ● Those built with Diamond Hands can never be destroyed

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