$Golden Inuverse – Definite Roadmap

Greetings Golden Horde & Cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are watching our process.

The next project to release will be our play-2-earn game “$Golden Inuverse.”

Our goal is not to get unnecessarily technical with texts or deliver lengthy quotes.

Let’s keep this simple, in layman’s terms, and provide a course of action.

There will be much speculation, some of which will be wrong and other which will be right.   But for those who want facts, here is a definite roadmap on the coming Gamefi project which will be a part of  the Golden Inu ecosystem:

6/7/23 – Project Landing page will launch

6/14/23 – $Golden Inuverse Game Summary Will Be Published

6/21/23 – $Golden Inuverse Registration Platform Launch

7/21/23 – $Golden Inuverse Game Preview Launch

8/21/23 – $Golden Inuverse Beta Version Launch

9/21/23 -> 10/21/23  $Golden Inuverse [Stable] 1.0 Launch

If not aware, this will be a Gamefi project that evolves with time.  Various ‘Planets’ will launch within the metaverse per X months. Transportation options will be made available to get you there.

The various ways to earn $Golden tokens via playing, will be made clear in the game summary preview.

Characters development options, weapons, AI developed characters, geography structure, and more will also be included in the summary.

The “FUD” is visible but it’s important for us to stay focused on positive things.   We’ve already proven ourselves by releasing 2 applications in 3 months.   It’s our challenge to you investors to research and find who’s done this beyond Golden inu?

Now we’re onto bigger applications and this GameFi project.  We’ll continue to prove our point by producing actual crypto products.

Let’s Prosper Together!

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