Golden Inuverse Update 1.0.13 & A Sneak Peek on Upcoming Features

Explorers, welcome to the Golden Inuverse 1.0.13 update! We are excited to introduce you to numerous new and exciting features to enhance your exploratory and creative experiences. We also provide a preview of our upcoming developments that will further expand the open world of Golden Universe, making it more dynamic and interactive! Please note that any mention of dollar value or specific items we refer to may be renamed in-game or not integrated, as we are still in beta!

  • Cave System: As promised, the latest update has added many dark and mysterious caverns to the game world. Caves offer various challenges to complete, and mining in them yields valuable gems and precious stones. The number of gems in the cave has been reduced, as these elements should retain their rarity and value.



  • Stones and Gems System: This new feature allows you to explore the mining and crafting resources in each new scenario. Different caves may give you various types and quantities of random gems – use them to craft your items, sell them for a good price, or offer them to power up certain game mechanics.

● Diamonds
        ○ Very rare; Highly precious
        ○ Can be used when Players cross path of Computer generated          “Forger Inus” to upgrade weapons and make defensive          weapons more durable
        ○ Can be traded for up to US$5.00 in $Golden
        ○ Will flash color of a rainbow when rotated on screen
● Quartz
        ○ Looks like a Diamond but it’s not
        ○ Transparent and will now shine in rainbow
        ○ Can be used in “Slingshot” to kill birds / small game
        ○ Can be traded for up to US$5.00 in Golden
        ○ Users can try to sell it to other users as a Diamond

  • Statue Creation System: Additionally, you can now create your own statues in the game. Note that currently, statues are temporary and disappear after the server reset. However, our upcoming NFT implement will allow players to create permanent statues with Diamond Hands – these will last 180 days on each server!



Golden Statues

Dungeon is also open waiting for your visit:



Current Game State and the Next Major Update
We would like to inform you that our development team is currently working on the next major update that will include several tightly intertwined and complex features, some of which are still in the creative stages to determine their core mechanics and use.

  • Combat System: This new soft features a powerful combat system that will heavily influence player behavior and actions in when interacting with each other.
  • Weapons: Combat wouldn’t be hard-core without weapons to fight – that is why each player will have a chance to test different weapons of their choice. Weapons will include select features, advantages, and disadvantages based on your preferences and equipment strategies.

    Find below some weapons, keep in mind this can change and is not definitive
    (silver = weakest , gold = mid, diamond = most powerful)

        ■ Offensive Weapons:
         ● AXE,
         ● Blow Dart Pipe with Blow DartsDear Golden Horde and Inuverse
          ○ Darts are from wood from a certain tree
           ■ Silver, gold, and Diamond version of tree will exist
         ● Hammer,
         ● Sword,
         ● Quartz Slingshot
        ■ IGP// Offensive weapons:
         ● Bow & Arrow
         ● Boomerang
         ● Flail (2 balls)

        ■ Defensive Weapons:
         ● Golden Leg Armor
         ● Silver Shield
        ■ IGP// Defensive Weapons:
         ● Golden Gloves (these will project a blocking Shield)
         ● Golden Helmet
         ● Golden Shoulder Pads

  • Hunting NPC Animals for Food: We will describe more information about this feature as soon as we integrate it fully.

In Conclusion
We hope our players will love the 1.0.13 update and appreciate the excitement and the features currently in development. As always, your feedback is the most valuable means of getting bug information, as we believe it is our collective experience behavior and potential do that know that you can continue to help our game team players and developers In rebuilding in evolving our 1.0.13 future creation.

Stay tuned! Happy trails, see you in the caves, and later on ahead!

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