Golden Inu’s New Token Presale May Net Investors Higher Yields Than S&P 500

A new crypto presale investment could give investors better returns than the S&P 500 market has seen in three years. It could be the biggest story of the year when it comes to ROIs. 20% of the Golden Inu ($Golden) token’s available stock has already been sold because of this high yield estimate. The hard cap for the first funding round has already been reached.

Several crypto blog site experts think that the new Ethereum-based token, which will be paired with a sibling token for a new crypto exchange app, will return around +100% when it first comes out and over +50,000% over time. Here’s why they think this.

Why Are Cryptocurrencies Now A Better Bet Than The S&P 500?

Everyone knows and respects the Standard & Poor 500 Market. It has grown by 54.2% in the last five years, according to Business Insider. A lot of money moves around in the trade index every day without any proof. But the truth is that investments in cryptocurrencies before they go on sale and trades that are based on data have much higher profits.

S&P Yields Vs. Returns On The Best Cryptocurrencies

If you want to know how much money you made, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Solana (SOL), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Binance (BNB), and Dogecoin (DOGE) have all done better than the S&P 500 Market.

Shiba Inu, one of the top ten cryptocurrencies, came out in August 2020. The token’s price started at US$0.000000000051, which is a very small amount of a penny. By November 28, the price had dropped even more, to US$0.000000000056366.

Some people put twice or thrice as much money into $SHIB before it went through the roof and hit an all-time high of $0.00008819 on October 28, 2021. All people who held on to their Shiba Inu tokens for a year or more saw their value drop by six zeros. Early $SHIB investors who held on to their bags made profits of more than +50,000,000% million. A truly amazing return on the initial investment.

People who bought $SHIB tokens at the all-time low (ATL) and continued to hold on to them still earn returns, even though they missed the All-Time High. Currently, the ticket is worth more than 15,800,000,000 times what it was in 2021. There is a good chance that people who have held for two years will have stable finances for the rest of their lives.

New Cryptocurrencies Have Made More Money Than All Investments In The Standard & Poor 500

Recently, even brand-new cryptocurrencies like Pepe $PEPE, Floki Inu $FLOKI, Tamadoge $TAMA, Conflux $CFX, and Baby Dogecoin [$BABYDOGE] have made huge gains that make the S&P 500 gains look like nothing. A cryptocurrency called “Golden Inu Token” shot up in value by over 750% in just two months in April, when it wasn’t well known.

In simple terms, both the biggest Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap and brand-new Cryptocurrencies have given short and long returns that make success stories from the S&P 500 average look very different.

What Is The Next Big Chance To Invest In Cryptocurrency?

The next investment option that many people are looking into is the Ethereum-based [erc20] token in the Golden Inu ecosystem. People who use the Ethereum Blockchain are excited about the presale [formerly known as Initial Coin Offering] that is now happening on their official website. This is your chance to buy before it goes live on a public cryptocurrency market.

As an investment, you might want to buy now for one or both of these two reasons:

  1. First, buyers are hopeful about the brand’s new technology:
  • Play-2-Earn Technology for Gaming
  • Decentralized Exchange for Cryptocurrencies
  • A tool for a cross-chain swap or onramp

2. Second, investors buy into the initial coin offering (ICO) to get the profits from the day it goes public. When the $Golden token goes live on its first public cryptocurrency market, it will cost 25% more than it does now in presale. This is a $250 return on a $1000 investment.

How And By Whom Did Golden Inu Token Come To Be?

The creator of the token is known as the “Shiba Inu Killer,” which is an amazing fact that could be an unexpected driver of the bullish investing. He works under the fake name “Golden Tekeishi,” but Assure Defi has checked him out and approved him. He has also given up control of the bep20 unit since it came out.

Golden Tekeishi started the brand with a group of other tech experts to show that the idea of a DeFi community with a DAO structure can work. They had to be more consistent than Shiba Inu in making real crypto goods, though.

Together with Quest technologies, one crypto app has been made so far. A second app, called Golden Dashboard, was also made on its own to help crypto users improve their trade habits. Neither the things they do for token value nor the fact that they were made in less than three months are the most amazing things about them.

The brand built its reputation on the phrase “no stoic quotes, just real technology,” and it has stuck to that throughout its history. The fact that ownership is clear and traders are aware that they need to change how they trade are also great things that the Golden Inu token team is doing for the world of digital currencies.

How Come The Golden Inu Token Will Give Us A Lot Of Money In Q3 2023?

Even though the brand’s subculture has grown a lot so far in 2023, it’s likely to go through the roof when its new play-2-earn game comes out. The plan for making the P2E game, called “Golden $Inuverse,” was just shared by the ecosystem’s developers in a blog . The plan is for a live home page to go live in two weeks, on June 7th. A recap of the game will be released a week from now. And signups will start the third week after the home page goes live.

It has been said on the official subreddit that 111 people can play the game for free and another 1,111 will have to pay at least some amount to do so. To make money from the game, everyone will need to have $Golden coins when they sign up. Redditors say that Golden Inu Tokens can be used to buy NFTs and other in-game items. These will give users more advanced player traits or choices.

Even if only a few thousand people sign up, there will be a lot of trading action for the Golden Inu token on coin indexes. Crypto gaming will not only make more people want to hold $Golden tokens but also make millions of new cryptocurrency buyers aware of the tokens as they rise in rank on coin indices such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketcap, and others.

The bep20 sister token has already gained +750% on lower-level crypto applications, so this Golden Inu ERC20 token should see gains of +100% or more right away. Most crypto traders, even “whales,” should be much more interested in the game app and exchange.

Does Golden Inu Token Pull A Rug?

Every investment has a chance of losing money, but Golden Inu is likely to succeed at consistently making money or pulling a rug out from under you. After being checked by PanCakeSwap, the sibling bep20 has kept more than $100,000 in investment funds since April 2023. The owner has stayed true to investors and been loud through both good and bad times in the crypto market. Traders are leaning more toward the “pros” of past data and the regularity of product releases to keep buying in advance.

Based on this information, the Golden Inu tokens (ERC 20 and BEP 20) could become the biggest positive crypto returns story for investors in the fiscal year 2023. What a great way to make money! If this happens, it will be better than crypto and the S&P 500. Also, the token’s returns would have been higher than the Stand & Poor Index’s returns for the second time this year.

Disclaimer: The opinions presented by our authors are solely their own and may not represent those of Golden Inu Token. Golden Inu Token offers market and financial data solely for informational reasons. Golden Inu Token disclaims all responsibility for any monetary losses resulting from the trading of cryptocurrencies. Do your research and contact financial experts before making any investment decisions. Although all information is accurate as of the publication date, some offers may no longer be valid.

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