Golden Inu’s Cyberscope Audit Demonstrates A Strong Commitment To Security And Code Quality

The well-known cybersecurity company Cyberscope recently did a full audit of Golden Inu ($GOLDEN). This shows that the project is dedicated to making sure the safety, dependability, and quality of its smart contract.

The audit, which was done in August 2023, found good things that show the project is serious about making the site safe and reliable for its users.

The study gives more information about some parts of Golden Inu’s smart contract code. There are three levels of how serious the results are: Critical, Medium, and Minor/Informative.

The audit of the $GOLDEN smart contract found no major security holes, which was good news for the project and its backers. The fact that Golden Inu uses “Solidity” naming standards is one of the good things about the audit. Follow these rules to make the codebase much easier to read and manage. This makes it easier for developers and contributors to understand and work with the code.

The inspectors also liked Golden Inu’s plan to set up an automated market maker pair for liquidity and prevent certain addresses from having to pay fees.

These features improve the platform’s speed and adaptability, which is good for both customers and the ecosystem as a whole.

Cyberscope also shows how aggressive the project is about being open. Through voluntarily submitting to a third-party audit, Golden Inu shows its dedication to keeping its community safe and open.

This approach, along with the good results, helps users and potential investors trust and believe in the company.

What To Do Next And What The Future Holds

The fact that the Golden Inu audit was accomplished without revealing any serious vulnerabilities says much about the project’s dedication to ensuring user safety. As a direct consequence of this, the project is in an advantageous position to further develop its smart contract code and perfect its functions.

The audit result is a resounding endorsement of Golden Inu’s dedication to providing users with a trustworthy and risk-free environment on which to conduct their interactions. Golden Inu is able to further establish its position as a credible participant in the cryptocurrency industry if it attends to the comparatively small concerns raised in the audit and focuses on expanding upon its existing advantages.

The developers of the Golden Inu ecosystem will want to continue integrating apps and upgrades to the ecosystem now that they have access to this type of information. The ecosystem has already produced beneficial outcomes for its investors up to this point.

In addition, the next few weeks are going to be really exciting moments for the community. The developers of the new Web3 game “Golden Inuverse” are now closer than they have ever been to releasing the game due to the consolidation of the listing of $GOLDEN [ERC-20] on CoinGecko.

Not only is it anticipated that the new game would attract a large number of new investors, but it will also mark the beginning of the project’s system for burning tokens, known as the Golden Treasury.

Golden Inu possesses all of the necessary components to become the memecoin that has the best performance this year. The security audits are up to date, and further advancements promise to improve both the overall quality of the project and the value of its tokens.

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