Dogecoin (Doge) Remains Stable Despite An Active Network, While Rival Golden Inu (Golden) Has Seen Its Buy Rate Increase By 70%

Dogecoin is the biggest memecoin in the world by market value, but it’s stuck in a strange situation right now because its network activity has changed a lot.

In the past month, there has been a lot more activity on the DOGE network. For example, more than 45,000 daily active addresses are dealing. There has been a lot more action with the meme coin lately, but the price has not gone up to match.

The link between network activity and price change is one of the interesting things about DOGE’s current trend. When there is more activity on a network about an object, it usually means that people are becoming more interested in it and expecting its price to rise.

Concerns have been raised about DOGE’s price increase, even though the number of daily active addresses has gone up. Since the price of the asset is still tied to the success of BTC, the recent volatility in the BTC market may have hurt the price of DOGE, making it less likely that it will grow.

It hasn’t been easy for the market-leading meme coin over the past month. A major reason for the lack of movement is the drop in the number of transactions carried out by addresses owning DOGE. Since July 30, the number of daily DOGE trades has dropped sharply, reaching an all-time low of 89% on August 19. This drop in transactions could be seen as a sign that traders and users are less excited about the market.

Another important thing that has changed recently in DOGE is the drop in big transactions, which are sometimes called “whale transactions.” The number of deals worth between $100,000 and $10 million has all gone down, but the number of transactions worth more than $10 million has dropped by an amazing 100%. This drop in high-value transactions could mean that bigger investors, who may have had a big impact on DOGE’s price changes in the past, are losing faith or interest.

Dogecoin’s lack of movement could cause investors to spread their money around to find more valuable meme coins in a market known for its high risk and huge potential for profit. Some investors have even gone on social media to criticize Dogecoin for being slow and suggest that users shift their attention to a meme coin that is still in its early stages.

70% Of People Who Buy Golden Inu Do So After Coingecko Lists It

Golden Inu is a promising new cryptocurrency that is making waves in the market after reaching a big milestone: it was listed on CoinGecko, a well-known crypto data website. This accomplishment has led to a huge increase in interest and participation. Since it was listed, 70% of people who wanted to buy the project’s native token, $GOLDEN [ERC-20], did so.

The crypto community is very happy that Coin Gecko has added Golden Inu’s token to its trustworthy listing site. Traders, buyers, and crypto fans can trust CoinGecko to give them accurate and up-to-date information about different tokens and projects. It is known for having a lot of reliable cryptocurrency data. The fact that Golden Inu is on this site has made it much more visible and trustworthy in the market.

Investors really want Golden Inu’s coin, and this new milestone shows that. A strong and original project idea, careful attention to security and openness, and a well-executed marketing strategy are some of the things that have led to Golden Inu’s success.

A New P2E RPG Will Make $Golden Go Up

The project is going to get more people interested in its token by building on recent successes. With the beta version of “Golden Inuverse” about to go live, this play-to-earn game is sure to get the crypto community excited, which could help the $GOLDEN token go up. The way Golden Inuverse combines bitcoin and games is in line with the growing trend of “play-to-earn” models. This idea combines the love of games with investing in cryptocurrencies by giving players prizes in GOLDEN for their participation.

With the beta launch of Golden Inuverse, players can enjoy interactive games and make $GOLDEN tokens at the same time. A feature that burns tokens (Golden Treasury), which will be added at the same time as the game’s launch, will also build excitement and could make tokens more valuable. Golden Inu’s strategy fits with what the market wants, which attracts investors and gamers. If the project succeeds, it could start a new era of combining crypto and games, which could have an effect on $GOLDEN’s market value and on projects that come after it.

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