Are DeFi Coins a Good Investment?

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin since the second quarter of 2020 has been dominating crypto news headlines for good reason. However, a new crypto niche industry, decentralized finance or DeFi, blew up in 2020, contributing much-needed momentum to further the cause of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrencies in general. Unless you don’t follow cryptocurrency markets at all, you’ll know we’re talking about DeFi.

How and Why

DeFi coins have gained significant attention due to their potential to revolutionize the financial industry. But are they worth the investment? Let’s explore: 

High Returns: Early investors in DeFi projects have seen substantial returns. For instance, those who invested in DeFi in early 2020 reaped significant rewards, especially with DeFi tokens like YFI making 20x-1000x price increases. The potential for high returns makes DeFi coins an attractive investment. 

Innovative Financial Solutions: DeFi offers innovative solutions like decentralized exchanges (DEX), peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, and borrowing, which traditional financial systems cannot provide. This innovation drives interest and investment in DeFi coins. 

Decentralization: By removing intermediaries like banks and brokers, DeFi projects provide more control to users over their assets. This decentralization reduces costs and increases efficiency, making DeFi platforms appealing. 

Liquidity Mining and Yield Farming: These are popular ways to earn rewards in the DeFi space. By providing liquidity or participating in yield farming, investors can earn significant returns on their investments. However, investing in DeFi coins comes with risks. The industry is still young, and many projects remain unaudited, posing security risks. Additionally, the high volatility of cryptocurrency markets can lead to substantial losses.

What Is DeFi?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a digital ecosystem of novel financial applications that run on several decentralized protocols, aiming to revolutionize and disrupt conventional financial systems. DeFi leverages blockchain technology to remove the need for third parties like banks, insurance firms, brokers, etc. from financial transactions. Instead, these third parties are replaced by smart contracts, which are autonomous and free from human corruption. Fiat currencies are replaced by digital assets like Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), or Ethereum.

Weighing DeFi’s Risk and Reward

Current State: At the time of writing, around $40 billion worth of digital assets is locked in DeFi protocols, a staggering amount considering that this amount wasn’t over $1 billion at the beginning of 2020. This rapid rise has caused many analysts to warn of a potential price bubble and closer regulatory scrutiny. Considerations:

  • Understand what you’re investing in.
  • Educate yourself on yield farming and other new fields.
  • Significantly higher security risks due to DeFi’s new and largely unaudited nature.

Cryptocurrency investments are already relatively risky, but interacting with DeFi protocols may amplify the risk. For instance, if a user wants to dabble in DeFi staking, most of the available platforms compel users to lock their staked funds for a given period. During this period, crypto prices may rise or fall dramatically while the holder is prevented from selling. 


  • Impermanent loss and price slippage.
  • Unaudited smart contracts.
  • Non-custodial nature of most protocols.

As with all things crypto, the earliest investors make the highest returns. Those who invested in DeFi in early 2020 reaped the most rewards, especially with DeFi tokens like YFI making 20x-1000x price increases, liquidity mining schemes returning excessively high APYs, and more.

Are You Ready for DeFi?

The DeFi landscape is vast and needs extra attention. Most investors are usually too caught up with a DeFi scheme’s annual percentage yield (APY), which is the expected return on investment within a year, to pay attention to other important aspects of a DeFi project.

What You Need to Know

  • Smart contract security: Many projects remain unaudited.
  • Custodial or non-custodial: Users alone are responsible for safeguarding their cryptocurrencies.
  • Governance: Some DeFi projects are run by the development team, while others employ community governance through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).
  • Historical data: Use available data to guide your decisions.

How to Invest in DeFi

Trading DeFi Tokens

DeFi tokens are native virtual assets used by DeFi platforms. For instance, Compound’s base asset is COMP while Maker’s native currencies are Maker (MKR) and DAI. Trading these tokens allows users to buy, hold, and sell when the price is right. However, it’s best to only invest in DeFi tokens with provable real use cases.

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is the act of injecting liquidity into a DeFi protocol. Liquidity providers (LPs) receive a percentage of the fees charged to borrowers. Most platforms allow LPs to withdraw their funds at any time.

Yield Farming

Yield farming resembles liquidity mining but with a twist. Yield farmers hunt for platforms with the highest incentives or yields. An excellent example is, which automatically searches for DeFi projects with good LP rewards.

Golden Inu Token: A Promising DeFi Coin

The Golden Inu Token is one DeFi coin that stands out for its potential for massive gains. Here’s why it’s worth considering: 

Robust Use Cases: Golden Inu Token offers several use cases, including governance, staking, and liquidity mining. These use cases drive demand for the token, which can lead to price appreciation. 

Strong Community: The token has a strong and active community that supports its growth and development. Community-driven projects often have better chances of success due to the collective effort and support. 

Transparency: The Golden Inu Token project is transparent about its goals, development progress, and challenges. Transparency builds trust among investors and helps mitigate risks. 

Security and Innovation: The Golden Inu Token platform focuses on security and innovative solutions to ensure the safety of investors’ assets and provide unique opportunities for earning and staking. 

How to Invest in Golden Inu DeFi Coin

Investing in Golden Inu Token is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to follow the correct steps to ensure a secure and successful investment. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Visit the Golden Inu Token Website

Start by visiting the Golden Inu Token website. This is the official platform where you can find detailed information about the token, its use cases, and the team behind the project.

Step 2: Set Up a Compatible Crypto Wallet

To purchase Golden Inu Token, you need a compatible crypto wallet. One of the most popular options is MetaMask, a browser extension that allows you to store, send, and receive Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

  • Download and install MetaMask from the official website or browser extension store.
  • Create a new wallet and securely store your seed phrase.
  • Fund your MetaMask wallet with Ethereum (ETH) by purchasing ETH on a cryptocurrency exchange and transferring it to your MetaMask wallet address.

Step 3: Purchase Ethereum (ETH)

Since Golden Inu Token is an ERC-20 token, you’ll need Ethereum (ETH) to buy it. You can purchase ETH from various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken. Once you’ve bought ETH, transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.

Step 4: Connect Your Wallet to the Golden Inu Platform

Go back to the Golden Inu Token website and connect your MetaMask wallet. Look for the “Connect Wallet” button and follow the prompts to link your MetaMask wallet to the Golden Inu platform.

Step 5: Buy Golden Inu Token

Once your wallet is connected, you can purchase Golden Inu Token. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the token purchase section on the Golden Inu Token website.
  • Select the amount of Golden Inu Token you want to buy.
  • Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask wallet.
  • Wait for the transaction to be processed on the Ethereum blockchain.

After the transaction is complete, the Golden Inu Tokens will appear in your MetaMask wallet.


DeFi is a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity if done right. However, the industry is very young and full of not-so-great players looking to exploit new investors. Prices are currently so inflated that it’s hard to decide if current prices reflect honest price discovery or a concerted “pump” effort. Whether you should invest in DeFi ultimately comes down to your available funds and your appetite for risk. Do thorough research before investing.

Understand what you’re investing in, ensure that the DeFi project’s team is legitimate, and solve a real financial problem. Use trusted intermediaries like Binance or hardware wallets to protect your assets. Golden Inu Token is one DeFi coin worth considering for massive gains. It stands out due to its robust use cases and promising platform. To buy Golden Inu Token, visit Golden Inu Token.

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